19 Mar

Swanstone BT-3060L-010 Veritek 60-Inch Tub with apron and left hand drain, white finish Review

Swanstone BT-3060L-010 Veritek 60-Inch Tub_610x320
Rating: ★★★★☆

The Swanstone BT-3060L-010 Veritek 60-Inch bathtub with apron and left hand drain, white finish, is a solid-material tub that brings beauty and luxury to the bathroom without the back-breaking weight or wallet-breaking cost of higher priced brands. Do not let the weight of this product deceive you; Swanstone is no lightweight against its competition!

The Swanstone BT-3060L-010 Has a Unique Composition

Composite material bath fixtures are extremely popular due to their beauty. Swanstone provides exceptional durability due to its unique high-pressure manufacture process. This process lends crack-resistance and shatter-proof permanence, resulting in decades of usability without skimping on elegance.

Despite the heavy, natural look of Swanstone, the Swanstone BT-3060L-010 Veritek 60-Inch Bathtub is surprisingly light in weight which can help to ease installation and maneuverability for homeowners and builders, a rare benefit for such an attractive tub.

More for Less

This gorgeous tub is very economical, fitting into just about any budget. That being said, Swanstone is not a flimsy or cheap product; thinness of its sides allows for a huge soaking area while the strength of the material provides exceptional durability. Cheap tubs will split, scratch, chip, crack, and lose their luster. Swanstone stands the test of time as, unlike metal or cheap plastic tubs, its color is not simply on the surface. Sturdy yet elegant, this tub endures.

Is This the Right Tub for You?

Three out of 4 people who purchased this tub were very much satisfied. Most owners agree that this tub is beautiful, surprisingly durable, and very easy to install. Despite its meager price, this tub stands out and feels as luxurious as more expensive tubs. High-quality doesn’t have to cost you an arm or a leg.

Affordable, Durable and Elegant

If you are looking for a tub with the feel and looks of an expensive fixture with more durability which anyone can install, the Swanstone BT-3060L-010 Veritek 60-Inch Tub provides all of this at a fraction of a cost of its competitors.

Swanstone BT-3060L-010 Veritek 60-Inch Bathtub Product Features

  • 60-Inch x 30-Inch x 16-Inch
  • Natural gloss composite
  • 65-gallon capacity to bottom of overflow
  • Left hand drain
  • Pre-leveled bottom for easy installation; Slip resistant bottom