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Sterling 71121110-0 Ensemble Bathtub Only Left Hand 60″ x 32″ x 18″ White Review

Sterling 71121110-0 Ensemble Bath Tub Only Left Hand 60 x 32 x 18 White

For homeowners who are having their bathrooms outfitted on a tight budget, this Ensemble bathtub 71121110-0 from Sterling is a low-cost and practical option. This product is compression molded and made from a durable material called Vikrell, which contributes to its strong and beautiful design. Sterling also promises that the Ensemble bathtub, besides its quality material, has undergone top-notch production and has been precision-engineered to excellence.

An Overview of Sterling 71121110-0 Ensemble Bathtub Only Left Hand 60″ x 32″ x 18″ White

Indeed, the Ensemble 71121110-0 bathtub does sport a sleek and ergonomic design. It has built-in armrests, which are a convenient feature that any bather would appreciate. Besides that, the tub’s contour has specifically been designed to fit the body’s natural curve, thus providing a comfortable, relaxing experience for its owners.

The Vikrell material is one of the product’s main features. Its high-gloss finish reflects its high quality, and is resistant from all sorts of carelessness. Stains, chips and scratches will not show up on the tub’s surface, thanks to the Vikrell.

Installation of the bathtub is easy, as it has an 18-inch integral apron. Nonetheless, putting the Ensemble bathtub in place is best left to professionals, unless one has had relevant experience and sufficient know-how.

Owners of the Sterling 71121110-0 Ensemble Bathtub will also appreciate its extra-deep bathing well. Expect a rich, relaxing soaking experience with this product. Based on the tub’s dimensions, it can hold around 55 gallons of water and has a 13.75-inch maximum water depth.

The Sterling 71121110-0 Ensemble Bathtub 60″ x 32″ x 18″ White Reviews


Sterling 71121110-0 Ensemble Bathtub does not seem to be the most popular among all of the models available in the market, and perhaps for good reason. Customers that took the chance on this product, perhaps for its lower price, were thoroughly disappointed, as they said in their reviews.


This product can be used as an example for the saying “you get what you pay for,” as reviewers complained about receiving tubs with broken parts. One such reviewer said that he returned his bathtub, only to receive another damaged tub as a replacement. Upon visiting the brick-and-mortar store from which he bought the Ensemble bathtub, said reviewer checked other stocks for this same model and found the same problem with each box.


Another customer complained about noticing a large crack through the bathtub just after it had been installed. Needless to say, this customer returned the Ensemble bathtub and chose another brand instead.


Whether these instances may or may not be attributed to Sterling’s fault, these examples cast doubt on whether the Vikrell material is really durable after all. Even if the price for this product is significantly lower than that of other brands, buyers would be taking a huge risk in hoping that their tubs will last them at least a couple of years.

Sterling 71121110-0 Ensemble Bathtub 60″ x 32″ x 18″ White


Sterling 71121110-0 Ensemble Bathtub 60″ x 32″ x 18″ White Features


  • Available in several colors including white, almond and biscuit
  • Made with Vikrell for high gloss, easy cleaning and stain resistance
  • Easy installation with 18-inch integral apron
  • Extra-deep bathing well accommodates a maximum water depth of 13.75 inches
  • Ergonomic design is based on the body’s natural contour