25 Jun

American Standard Cambridge 2461.002.020 5-Ft Bathtub with Right-Hand Drain, White Review

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Rating: ★★★★½

Style and function are brought together in a perfect union with American Standard 5-ft Americast bathtub. As one of the most popular plumbing fixture brands, American Standard seeks to deliver quality and innovation, which consumers will surely find in the American Standard Cambridge 2461.002.020 bathtub.

An Overview of American Standard Cambridge 2461.002.020 5-Ft Bathtub with Right-Hand Drain, White

Americast, which is patented to American Standard, fuses top-notch enamel surfaces with molded reinforcements and top-quality metal. This innovative material is much lighter than cast iron products, which weigh half as much. Americast-made bathtubs are also more durable, providing owners with more value, as they last much longer than other makes. This type of material also provides a glossy porcelain finish and a slide-resistant coating. For this reason, fixtures made from Americast look more stylish and elegant.


However, American Standard Cambridge 5-ft Americast Bathtub are not just about the exterior. User experience with these Americast-based tubs are safer, more relaxing and more reliable. As a member of American Standard’s Deep Soak bathroom fixtures, this product also allows a deeper water level, allowing owners to further enjoy their bathing experience.


Moreover, as mentioned, the product’s non-slip exterior prevents bathroom accidents, especially for households with younger children or seniors. Speaking of safety, the Cambridge tub complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act and ANSI A117.1 guidelines, so it is suitable for all types of households with special needs.


The Cambridge bathtub is a viable option for those seeking to install a new tub in their homes. It’s elegant, safe and reliable. To top it all off, it will last for years to come.


The American Standard 2461.002.020 Cambridge 5-Feet Bathtub Reviews


American Standard seems to have come up with a hit with its Cambridge bathtub. Reviewers were very pleased with the product, and most of them had no complaints whatsoever.


Granted, the American Standard Cambridge 2461.002.020 5-ft Americast Bathtub design renders it a basic fixture without any bells and whistles, but this characteristic is precisely what some customers are looking for. After all, simplicity has been equated to beauty, and the Cambridge’s clean design makes it extremely easy to match any bathroom setup.


Your plumber will also thank you for the American Standard Cambridge Bathtub easy installation. Most owners did not have any problems setting up the bathtub. Furthermore, they love how the Americast material maintains water heat well. Reviewers also said that the material guarantees the durability of porcelain without the disadvantage of weight.


Other thoughtful features that reviewers mentioned were the product’s depth and traction pad. Both features may have only been simple tweaks on American Standard’s part, but it definitely provided users with a safer, more relaxing time in the bathroom.


Indeed, American Standard is one of the most popular brands in the market; and the Cambridge bathtub demonstrates why. As a whole, reviewers were satisfied with the product and would recommend it to potential buyers.



American Standard Cambridge 2461.002.020 5-Ft Americast Bathtub with Right-Hand Drain (White) Features


  • Made from Americast technology, thus providing a glossy finish
  • Slide-resistant surface prevents bathroom mishaps and is suitable for all ages, young kids to seniors
  • Available in five colors: white, linen, bone, arctic and black
  • Compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act and ANSI A117.1